Vijay K. Bansal

Chinese Massage



The function of a massage is basically to increase blood circulation and give relaxation to the muscles. Allopathy and Ayurveda have their own systems. So does the ancient Chinese system of massage. Millenia ago, the Chinese discovered and applied special forms of therapeutic procedures, some of which are already well known like Acupressure and Acupuncture. The Chinese massage system involves the running of the fingers over blood lines or muscles and provide the healing for a wide range of diseases.

Any part of the body can be massaged in myriad ways like:

  • Rubbing the upper skin over the underlying skin
  • Twisting the upper skin over the underlying skin
  • Pinching of the skin
  • Repeated pressure application
  • Repeated tapping on the affected part
  • Rolling with fisted hand and so on

Different types of massages, varying in intensity and frequency, when applied to different parts of the body, can give different curative effects to relieve different symptoms. The underlying principle, being the stimulation of the blood flow and muscular relaxation.

These massages are most effective and can be applied to a vast range of diseases.

They do not require any special instruments, medications, lotions or salves

They can be easily learnt.

The author has found them specially useful in the treatment of :

common cold
leg cramps
painful menses
whooping cough
stiff neck
abdominal pains
rheumatic pains
bed wetting
nasal bleeding
general lethargy
children's disturbed sleep
baby's milk vomiting
etc. etc.