Vijay K. Bansal


The World Health Organisation defines good health as:


The human body is an unparalleled marvel of nature. It is capable of taking a lot of abuse and yet, recovering from them. It is more flexible than anything else. Yet there are limits, as for anything and everything. Therefore, it would be wise not to stretch it beyond these limits, lest permanent scars are left. The body would still continue to function but maybe like a 6-cylinder engine working on 5 cylinders. I am reminded of a very interesting observation made by my son when he was all of 5 years old. I was not in the best of health and everyone was worried. Some one said something and I shot back, " Don't be so worried. Nothing is going to happen to me. If it has to, there is nothing anyone can do to prevent it. The reservation to the world beyond is done and confirmed for everyone. That reservation can neither be changed nor cancelled."
"But Dad," shot back that all knowing 5 year old," you should keep your car in good order, else how will you go?"
And that sums up what I have been trying to say.

During our youth we are so carefree. Life is really a lark. We tend to ignore the limitations of the body. We abuse it to the maximum. Late nights out and little rest, excessive strains, smoking, drinking, junk foods that do not give the body what it needs but which only cater to the taste buds, even drugs to give us hallucinations, excessive and unrestrained sex, the list can go on and on. Yet the body bears up. It complains, but we pay little heed to it. Pop in a pill, so that the body's complaint is no longer heard and let it take care of itself.

Then comes the middle age and the body starts showing the results of these abuses. It starts showing the wear and tear. It is then that we start wishing, we had been a bit more responsible towards it. It also dawns on us, that there may still be half to two thirds of our life yet to live, but do we have enough of an opening balance in the body bank to carry us through. Even at this stage, matters can be controlled and the situation corrected. But then our priorities also change. We have a job, a family, children, our home, our social responsibilities and so many other things. All these cry out for their share. Once again we fall prey. We neglect the body. The body needs rest, proper care and attention, but the other priorities force these to be pushed back and demand attention to themselves. So pop in a pill, hush that voice of the body and carry on.

Now the old age approaches. The responsibilities of youth and middle age have been taken care of, one way or another. We are to take stock of our assets, to cater to us till we live and we find the body lagging far behind. The sins of omission and commission towards it, come to the fore and start telling on it. Old age seems like a burden. The body is much weaker now. We cannot command it at will. The spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak. By the time we muster the will it is too late and all we can say is:

Toofan se bhida, maujon se lada, Phir bhi na mita kismat ka likha,
Sahil ki taraf aate aate, Himmat to rahi, dam toot gaya.

(I faced the storms, I battled the waves, But failed to change the lines of fate,
By the time, I neared the shores, the will remained but the body failed)

The body has been complaining. We have ignored its call so far. But it has persisted. Now it has become adamant. "You've done enough injustice to me," it says. "I have given you all advances and loans on your life as you wanted, throughout your youth and middle age. Now is the time of reckoning." With this it puts before us, the statement of accounts and asks us to settle it. The debit entries far outweigh the credit side ones. We can ignore it at our peril.

Take heart. What has happened cannot be undone but at least the sufferings can be reduced and further deterioration can be slowed, if not prevented.

The effort here is to present before you, a wee bit of information from that vast sea of knowledge. Information that can be used

  • to keep the body healthy
  • to help keep from falling ill
  • to help treat most common ailments at home
  • to treat them quickly, safely effectively and conveniently, as soon as they strike.

However, all this is not meant to detract from the merits of other system of medicine. Every system has its strong points and it's weak points. All that is required is a healthy combination of all the systems and not too easy, frequent and gross misuse of things like chemicals, anti-biotics, cortisones, steroids etc.

Give the body a chance first, to heal itself and help it to do so without external aids

I call to the youth of today, take heed. Read what follows carefully and put it into practice. It does not need time or effort. It becomes a part of your daily habit. Follow it and you will be able to reduce materially, the chances of illness or disease striking. It will slow down the deterioration of your body parts with age. Even if an ailment or disease does strike you can get over it without ill effects of chemicals and artificially produced medicines.

I call on the middle aged, to take heed. What damage is done is done. But, you can prevent further damage and hopefully, even be able to undo some of it by following nature's way.

I call on the suffering aged. Let this time truly be the 'Golden Era' of your life. You have discharged your responsibilities to the best extent that you could. There is nothing you can do to change the past. But, yes, you can make your balance days happy, you can reduce your miseries and derive satisfaction in that, by following what applies to you in the following pages.

I call to all, to spread this message far and wide. Let your body fight its own battles. Aid it in this fight by being a partner to it.

THE SMALLEST AND THE MOST TRIVIAL REASONS. introduces you to a system which will go far in helping you to maintain good health and in helping to overcome ailments / diseases if they do strike at all. The components of the system are:

  • Mudra Vigyan - The science of finger postures
  • Chinese Massages
  • Foods for health
  • Routine Habits
  • Plants for cures