Vijay K. Bansal

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I can't thank you enough for your presentation to our Rotary Club. You gave us a tremendous amount of information in a very brief time. Our medical information typically comes from the pharmaceutical industry, hardly a disinterested party. The gift you have to offer in natural healing is so important and we have such a limited avenue to learn this most valuable knowledge. I am very glad to have this on tape also, so I can remind myself from time to time of the techniques …………. Again thank you and I wish there were a way for every club in the world to bring you in.

Jim Halderman, President, Rotary Club of Golden, Colorado, USA

It was such a treat, hearing all the alternatives to medicine, as most of us know it. Medicine free health care is certainly something we all will be looking for more and more.

Francea Philips, President, Rotary Club of Boulder Flatirons, Boulder,Colorado 80302

It was extremely revealing about the alternative treatments so effective in curing/preventing prevalent body disorders. The very fact that so many persons suffer similar disorders indicates to me that a commonality of cause must exist and I am happy to know they can be treated by other than invasive medicines. Mother nature is a very powerful and resourceful spirit, so it doesn't surprise me that there are other methods for curing our ailments.

I am looking forward to reading the book. I am sure I will follow your way. You are a living example of what you speak.

It was truly a pleasure and an honor to have you join our Rotary luncheon today. You exemplify a true Rotarian spirit.

Willie Hjorth, President, Venice-Marina Rotary Club, California, USA

On behalf of Littleton Rotary Club, I want to thank you for the programme you gave us. The information you presented to us certainly gave us new insights as to how we can take better care of ourselves and enjoy improved health. I have received many favourable comments about the programme and I know, some of our members, including myself , are using some of the information learned in their personal health programme. Your offer to see some of our members personally regarding their personal health problems is very generous………… Thanks again for all you are doing. Your programme certainly does help those that follow it.

Melvin J. Ruland, Programme Chairman, 6473 SO Sycamore St. Littleton, CO 80120

The medicine that I had taken for the cure of Asthma on the day you were leaving from Jamshedpur, has worked miracles.

R.D.Sharma, Jamshedpur, India

It was indeed a great pleasure to have interacted with you. There was a lot to learn from your vast experiences and in depth knowledge on about all subjects………… As far as my headaches are concerned they seem to have vanished after I have met you. I have not only noted down your tips but I am also sharing with my other colleagues and friends and they have proved very useful.

Maj. Rohit Goswami, Adm. Officer, Faculty of Management, College of Materials Management, Jamshedpur

Thank you warmly for the prescription you prepared for me on 29 April 2003 in St. Genis (France). The massage, in particular rowing and Bowling has done a lot of good to me. I do not have any more pain in the left shoulder nor harm in its movements, which were due to a former calcification.

Reinhard Lohrmanni, Chmbesy, Geneva, Switzerland

I bought your book …….. Thank you for the remedies in the book. The Phlegm dissolver remedy worked so well on my 82 year old mother who had been suffering for 4 years with this problem.

Surya Bachireddy, California, USA

I had received 6 leaves sent by you through Mrs. Mawal. I had given to our driver's wife, who is totally cured of the disease ( Asthma )…………. Your earlier patients are doing fine and they didn't have any problem after having these leaves …….. It seems like a miracle. This disease doesn't have any cure in Allopathy. ……………I thank you once again for taking so much interest in the welfare of mankind and taking trouble to send the leaves to me.

Dr. Mrs. R.A.Balsara,MD, Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur, India

The "Meao Mudra" you taught me for controlling my Blood Pressure has worked wonders for me. My BP 150/92 has now dropped to 115/76 in a matter of a month or two. My age is 62 years. I was taking Loscar H once a day. …..I then decided to stop medication and since then I am maintaining 115/76. Our Indian science is full of God like miracles… I am very thankful to you for your guidance in curing me. Humanity needs people like you who do selfless service.

Satish Somani, Ghaziabad, U.P. India

I was with a lady to see about the diet…..and I want to inform you that I lost 3.5 Kilos being very serious about. I will start over again coming Monday and will give you some more news. You can add me on your list of recommendation.

Yvonne Cavin, St. Juliens en Genevois, France

Hello Vijay!
Joe has been using the mustard oil and has been much, much better with the allergy problem………. and have been feeling great. I've been meditating each morning for the past few weeks. Generally, we've been quite well and think of you each time we avail ourselves of your knowledge.

Joe and Buffy Francuz, USA,

……………Thank you very much, Vijay. You do change lives and improve health and habits. I shall forever be grateful for this gift of a better life. …..Remember sunny Denver.

Eileen Ghering Denver, Colaorado USA

I am writing this to thank you personally for my remarkable cure from chronic asthma.

I am 78 years old and have been suffering from hereditary asthma for the last 35 years (since about 1968). My father, aunt and sisters had all suffered from it so I had resigned to the fate. I have tried all kinds of medication over the years - most recently Deriffyline and Betnasol - but these provided only temporary relief at best. I was getting asthmatic attacks of varying intensity several times a month.

About two years back my son, Raj Vardhan, met you in Switzerland, heard about the herbal cure and asked me to try it out. I was very sceptical to say the least.

I took the three-day course about a year back…..I am very pleased to tell you that since then my asthma has gone almost completely. Over the last year or so I have hardly had an attack and that too has been very mild.

I cannot thank you enough for relieving me from asthma and wish that others would also benefit from this remarkable cure.

I am prepared to talk about my experience to anyone who remains unconvinced. They can either write or call my son or me.

Mrs Savitri Singh, Lucknow, India, Raj Vardhan, 1197, Prangins, Switzerland


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