Vijay K. Bansal

Routine habits

With changing times our routines have changed, our habits have changed. For the sake of indulgence of the body and our senses, we have fallen prey to a lot of undesirable habits.

Our body is a machine.

Proper routine habits can make a world of a difference to one's life.

For example:

  • Keeping teeth closed while passing excreta will prevent gum decay. ¨
  • Washing eyes in a specific manner can prevent myopia and sometimes even help reverse myopia.
  • Proper breathing can increase longevity and so on.

Plants for cures

  • Asthma is curable taking the one leaf of a plant for three days and repeating the course after 3 months. When used with other systems described below, the results achieved so far indicate 100% recovery in about 40% of the cases and 50-80% recovery in about 30% of the cases.
  • Even the worst migraine headache, at any stage of attack, can be removed in minutes by inhaling through the nose just once, the smoke of a root. When used with other systems described below, the results achieved so far, indicate almost a complete success in the cases dealt with.
  • The leaves of a variety of Croton, when crushed and the juice applied to insect bites, works miracles in soothing the pain, itching and burning in minutes. It has been tried successfully on stings from ants, wasps, honey bees and scorpions.
  • The leaves of yet another plant, when boiled in water and the brew taken once a day, first thing in the morning for 10 to 15 days give miraculous relief in Rheumatic Arthritis pains.