Vijay K. Bansal

Foods forhealth



The unending variety of edible things that nature has bestowed is truly amazing. Each having its own specific properties and each producing its own effect on the human body. The ancient sages and seers had done deep research on this subject and had laid down certain rules for what constituted full and complete nutrition. They had even laid down what changes were necessary to the routine if the body started malfunctioning. Various herbs, condiments, vegetables, nuts, fruits etc. had been specified. If only, our taste buds had not led us astray, if only our interests and habits had not made us disregard the timings of food intake, if only we observed the rules of nature, we would not be in such a sorry state of health today.

It is interesting to note that nature has balanced everything. The fruit of the Guava is not good for cough but the leaves when boiled in water and taken as tea cure coughs. The Bichhubooti (scorpion grass) in the Himalayas, if touched gives scorpion bite like pains, but the grass growing just below the plant is an antedote for it. It is only when man starts extracting specifics from the nature's booty, leaving the compensating factors behind, that, troubles start.

Different food items, herbs and condiments, when taken in a specified manner and in specified quantities can produce miraculous curative effects.

A few examples:

  • Hot water gargles done in tandem with Rock salt, Bay leaf and Cinnamon, can cover almost the entire broad spectrum range of antibiotics and help heal a sore throat fast.
  • A cup of milk in which a teaspoonful of Turmeric powder has been boiled, taken before bedtime, can relieve 'Flu' fever and body aches overnight.
  • A large resin in which the seeds have been replaced by equal quantity of Rock Salt, taken twice a day for a few days, will dissolve and clear the system of phlegm.
  • Milk and lemon juice can stop the worst case of watery loose motions in minutes. There are innumerable such miraculously effective and totally harmless cures.