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The onwards journey


1984: Suffering from numerous ailments and without any resolution in sight, VKB is in an utter state of despair. He has Dorso-Lumbar Spondilitis, Cervical Spondilitis, Colic pains, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and a Migraine which goes on for up to 4 weeks, driving him literally mad. He is on heavy medication taking 26 pills, capsules, tablets, injections a day. Responsibilities of family weigh him down with ageing parents, a young wife and small children. Doctor friends tell him there are no full cures.

VKB has been witnessing many miracles during the past year and they start a new chain of thought. He has been seeing people get cured of many 'till-now-incurable' diseases. He does not believe in miracles so decides to go into the scientific facts behind them. He gives up all medicines and decides to try these cures on himself. He starts studying ancient methods of cures. It is as if some divine power is guiding him. New facts come to light. New cures are found for hitherto, incurable diseases and ailments.

VKB starts practicing Mudra Vigyan (The science of Finger Postures) and reinforces it with Dhyan (Meditation). The miracle has happened. VKB is transformed in 6 months. What could not be cured with the best possible medical treatment has vanished in the last 6 months.

1985: VKB decides to try these things out more systematically. He starts first with himself and his family who are eagerly willing, for they also do not believe in unnecessary medication.. All medicines are locked up. Ancient wisdom gets first preference. The results are miraculous. His family now does not run to the Doctor for every small ailment. They try out the home cures for the first 24 / 48 hours. Doctor's visits are reduced to about 10% only. He enlists the aid of some sincere Doctor friends to back him up and ventures outside the family.

First outside patients are those suffering from ASTHMA. The "one leaf a day for 3 days' - 3 leaf cure", as advised by the Yogi, is started on all Asthma patients who call. Results start showing up within a few months. Reports start coming in from some patients, that Asthma attacks have reduced drastically. Time later shows surprisingly successful results and total cure for some who have kept in touch with VKB.

The Doctor friends are impressed. They start using it too. They try this 3 day treatment first on their patients and then, if there is no improvement, go for conventional treatment.

1986: VKB comes across books on Chinese Massages. These are different from the traditional massages. The art of Chinese Massages is studied and tried on self. It shows remarkable properties of healing. In VKB's family:

  • Headaches, do not need anaelgesics now.
  • VKB's father who regularly suffered from leg cramps does not get them now.
  • Migraine pains seem to just vanish in minutes when these massages are used.

VKB adds it to his repertoire. He starts learning more about the causes and effects of some of the diseases which have made life miserable for millions and millions - Asthma, Migraine in particular.

For Asthma, there are others also giving the '3 leaves' but the results are about 30% cures. VKB wants to see how this cures percentage can be improved. The cures are given to the few who visit him and the word spreads. More and more patients start coming.

Migraine treated with Chinese massages and Mudras shows almost 100 % cure. The pain can be removed within minutes, at any stage of the attack. More and more people hear of this and start coming.

Having more knowledge of factors and causes that can precipitate Asthma attacks, VKB tries ancient methods to remove these causes. These involve use of condiments, vegetables etc. from one's own kitchen. Things that are used everyday in cooking and thus can have no adverse effects. The response is very good. The cure rate of patients starts rising.

1987: VKB now has developed something of a regimen. Including:

  • Mudra Vigyan
  • Chinese Massages
  • Foods for health

A combination of these provides much more satisfactory results. Till date there have been absolutely no reports of any adverse or side effects.

VKB opens up to one and all. There would be no fees, no monetary expectations, no gifts expected or accepted. He has suffered a lot health wise and has only one aim. Let not fellow human beings undergo the suffering that he has undergone.

He has little time as he is in service but whatever is there, is for anyone who needs it. Just take an appointment and come.

1990: The Rotary Club of Jamshedpur, India invites VKB for a talk on the subject. This is the first public acknowledgement of his work. Rotary is the spirit of service and he feels this is the apt platform to launch and promote his work. Other talks follow. Rotary Clubs and Inner Wheel clubs in Pune, Calcutta, Agra, Meerut, other Service and social groups, colleges, Institutions also call.

1994: VKB starts keeping formal records. He introduces cures for many day to day ailments and diseases like ordinary fevers, sore throats, coughs and colds, headaches, stomach problems etc. He exhorts people to give these systems a trial for 24 hours, to 48 hours and go to the Doctor only if they do not respond. The results are very encouraging. Many people have started following this advice and the numbers are growing.

1999: VKB goes to Europe and USA. It is gratifying to note that he is remembered by his old patients, who are well now and settled in these countries. They invite him for talks.

VKB's daughter in France and son in USA enthusiastically help in promoting the word, for people to shun medicines as far as possible.

There are a number of talks and plenty of consultations.

In Geneva VKB meets Dr. O.P.Joneja. A true friend and a firm believer in what VKB is doing. His encouragement is gratefully remembered always.

In Denver USA, VKB meets an extraordinary personality. Jim Halderman - President of the Rotary Club of Golden, Colorado. His knowledge of what India has to offer is phenomenal and he is constantly on the look out to collect and assimilate as much as he can.. He helps VKB to spread his message through talks and demonstrations at various Rotary Clubs. He has a very practical outlook. VKB would not accept any gratification for services rendered and yet, satisfied patients would like to offer something. It is his inspiration that leads VKB to put his knowledge into book form and then into audio-visual media like Casettes, VCDs and DVDs. His logic is simple. "Keep helping all in the spirit of humility and use the receipts from books etc. to promote the cause and give to charity.


The rest is history. VKB now has a mission. It is a crusade for him. He does not solicit invitations. He does not need them. The satisfied spread the message.

A partial list of groups, organizations, clubs that have benefited from VKB's talks, workshops:


  • United Nation's Women's Guild, Geneva
  • Indian Association, Geneva
  • Centre Vedantique, 63,Avenue l'aire, CH 1203,
  • Geneva Institute de Genie Atomique (IGA), Lausanne
  • Place Du Chateau, Lausanne
  • Sathyasai Group, Geneva


  • Rotary Club of Jamshedpur Main, Jamshedpur
  • Rotary Club of Pune Downtown Pune
  • Rotary Club of Agra Main, Agra
  • Rotary Club of Meerut Virat, Meerut
  • Rotary Club of Meerut Main, Meerut
  • Rotary Club of Calcutta, Calcutta
  • Rotary Club of Ghaziabad Main, Ghaziabad
  • Rotary Club of Ghaziabad Greater, Ghaziabad
  • Rotary Club of Ghaziabad Central, Ghaziabad
  • Rotary Club of Ghaziabad Southend, Ghaziabad
  • Rotary Club of Sahibabad, Ghaziabad and many more


  • Rotary Club of Lakewood, Colorado
  • Rotary Club of Golden, Colorado
  • Rotary Club of Boulder Flatirons, Colorado
  • Rotary Club of Littleton, Colorado
  • Rotary Club of Lakewood Foothills, Colorado
  • Rotary Club of Pacific Palisades, California
  • Rotary Club of Malibu, California
  • Rotary Club of Venice Marina, California
  • Rotary Club of Culver City, California
  • Rotary Club of Redondo Beach, California
  • Rotary Club of Gardenia, California
  • Rotary Club of LA West Sunrise, Santa Monica, California and many more


  • Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre of the Rockies, Littleton, Colorado
  • Montabello temple, Montabello, California
  • Sanatana Dharma Temple, Norwalk, California
  • Balvihar, Radhakishan Temple Norwalk, California
  • Placentia Temple, Placentia, California


  • Sonejis Yoga Classes, Irvine, California
  • Mahayogi Ramesh Pande's, Yoga group, Bellflower, California
  • Yoga Group of Bakersfield, Bakersfield, California
  • Surinder Mehta's Yoga classes, Diamond Bar, California
  • Ashok Kadakia's Yoga classes, Rancho Palos Verdes, California


  • Raj Sharda's group, Brampton, Toronto, Canada
  • Irvine Senior Citizens group, Irvine, California
  • Niranjan Bhatt's group, Ceritos, California
  • Om Arora's group, NewYork
  • Bharat Bhargava's group, California
  • Manu &Dr. Suman Ori's group, California
  • Meenu / Abhay Jain's group, California


  • Two programmes on the Adelphia TV Channel
  • Live interview on Radio Geneva
  • Full page coverages by India Post, U.S.A.
  • Full page coverages by India Journal, U.S.A.